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RiKaShaKe® Instructor Course

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Have you got what it takes to ride the RiKaShaKe®?

RiKaShaKe® is one of the fastest, most fun calorie burners on the planet, up to 1000Kcals! Enjoyed by over 25,000 people around the UK so far, you could be a part of the RiKa™ revolution! Holding your own RiKaShaKe® classes as a licenced instructor is just the start to your ready made fitness business, it’s the first of 8 exciting classes. This addictive, exciting and very effective workout is just 30 minutes long and will leave your members feeling energised but knowing that they’ve had a workout!

RiKaShaKe Classes

Bristol Course

Birmingham Course

ShaKe it up!

By the end of the course you will have learned everything you need to know to run your own RiKaShaKe® classes. You will posess all of the tools to build your success and your RiKa™ business. You will be trained by the founders and creators of RiKaShaKe® themselves, passing onto you their knowledge, expertise, experience and passion! They want to invest their time in you to make you as successful as you can possibly be!

What other instructors think…

KathRiKaSysTemZ® Newport – Simply awesome!

LouiseRiKaShaKe® Llandridnod Wells – My members are loving it.

GwenRiKaSysTemZ® Bracknell – RiKa™ is my life.